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Aspenhills Consulting, Precision Construction Solutions and Precision Midwest have teamed to provide a full spectrum offering to include scanning of existing structures, full service modeling, and BIM to field processes for accurate layout/installation through model based information. Rather than concentrating on just portions of the virtual design and construction value chain, we assist owners, designers and contractors in attaining maximum value by utilizing BIM information throughout the entire design, construction, and facility management life-cycle of the project. By integrating processes, we assist teams in breaking down silos and efficiently sharing information.

Advantages of Scanning

Capturing existing condition data for accurate adaptive reuse and renovation construction planning and design

Comparing the existing structure against the planned design to identify "clashes" prior to construction

Verify the "flatness" of the existing floors to determine if improvements are needed before reuse construction or renovation begins

Ensuring pre-fabricated parts will fit in their intended location prior to transportation and installation on the project

Creating as-built construction drawings for quality assurance purposes

Create a 3D model of the complete facility for daily operation planning and analysis by building owners

Scanning Services

Our skilled technicians will use a Trimble CX 3D Laser Scanner to capture interior or exterior details of existing structures to a modeling surface detail of + 3mm. (read more)

Modeling Services

Aspenhills Consulting will convert the point cloud data to a solid shapes model that can be integrated with 3D modeling software, or upload all files to a client specific site. (read more)

BIM to Field Services

The next step in maximum utilization of the BIM model is to transfer the data to a LM80 robotic total station machine for field layout. A one man crew can now efficiently bring the extreme accuracy of the model to the work site for use by all trades. (read more)

Aspenhills Consulting Scanning Services

Offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Lansing, MI (Total Radius, LLC)

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Precision Midwest and Precision Construction Solutions

Offices in Warrenville, IL (suburban Chicago), Des Moines, IA and Denver, CO