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Collaborative Project Driven Processes

The construction industry is long-overdue for process improvements that create higher performance and better efficiency. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry has actually declined in productivity compared to other industries, including manufacturing.

As a result, there is an active movement in the industry towards better processes, practices, and protcols. Among the most promising of these trends is the development of Integrated Project Delivery.

IPD brings all the key members of the project together, under one contract. Aspenhills Consulting Inc. acts as an independent resource to assist the project team in implementing IPD.

Integrated Project Delivery empowers collaborative, innovative, and efficient teams.

  • Owner Involvement through the entire Design & Construction Process to Maximize Value of the Finished Product
  • Target Value Design drives teams to use innovation and cooperation to achieve aggressive goals
  • Shared Risk & Reward System
  • Fully Integrated BIM Execution
  • Incentive Strategies for Milestones

When you are asked to be a part of a project incorporating new techniques, Aspenhills Consulting Inc. can assist in the number of ways to make sure your firm or project team is properly prepared to best manage the new environment.

Our Services Include:

  • IPD Process Consulting
  • Team Training, Education, and Leadership
  • Facilitating GoWals, Agendas, and Strategies
  • VDC Process Standards & BIM Execution Plan
  • Level of Design Process
  • Lean Process Consulting
  • RFP Review & Response Assistance
  • IPD Contract Assistance
  • Project BIM Creation As Required
  • 4D/5D/6D