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Albuquerque Wastewater Treatment Plant Addition

When Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority’s Southside Water Reclamation Plant Project was in the bid process, Aspenhills Consulting assisted the general contractor in becoming more competitive through the use of virtual design and construction tools. The project included a new 76 MGD treatment facility and dewatering complex complete with all appurtenant connecting piping and utilities, site grading, landscaping and miscellaneous work required to produce a complete and functional facility.

ACI was employed to:
  • Convert the 2D drawings into a 3D model
  • Automatically generate material quantities for pricing
  • Generate concrete forming quantities
  • Provide models for the management team’s sequencing and scheduling planning
  • Insert steel embeds, anchor bolts, pour bulkheads, and piping sleeves into the model for future layout control

The creation of a 3D model for clash detection purposes is just the beginning of the many uses that contractors can obtain from it. BIM/VDC tools and processes can help reduce the cost of field construction, increase quality, reduce schedule, and increase safety. At the completion of the construction, turning over a verified model to the owner can be of value for facility operations over the full life-span of the building, and to help reduce change orders and delays during future remodels and additions.

Aspenhills Consulting can assist general contractors and trade contractors with selection, implementation, training, and mentoring of these advanced tools and processes. Let us help your team become more efficient on your hard-bid, CM, CM/GC, design build, and IPD projects.